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How your credit score affects your insurance rates

If you’ve ever purchased a car, applied for a mortgage, or taken out a loan, you know how important your credit score is to how much you’ll pay in interest. Little-known fact: Your credit score affects how much you’ll pay for insurance, too.


6 Things That Influence Your Car Insurance Rates

If you’re looking for affordable car insurance in South Carolina, you’re probably wondering why some people pay less and some people pay more for car insurance, often for the exact same vehicle!

Insurance carriers look at a variety of factors to determine how much each driver should pay for car insurance. These factors determine how likely the driver is to file a claim and, in turn, cost the company money. Here are five things that affect your car insurance rates in South Carolina.

4 Crazy Types of Insurance You’ve Never Heard Of

Think insurance is boring? Think again! Not only are those of us here at Edwards Insurance Agency in Taylors, S.C., a literal hoot (Comedy Central won’t stop calling us), but there’s a whole side of the insurance industry that’s anything but boring!

So today, we’re taking things a little less seriously in the Edwards Insurance blog – the craziest types of insurance you’ve never heard of. Check these out!