Craziest Insurance Claims

10 of the Wackiest Insurance Claims Ever Made 

The world of insurance is a wild and wondered place, filled with the weird stories of some of the craziest times in people’s lives! 

Countless stories that started out with “Hey y’all, watch this” became insurance claims. And there is no shortage of insurance claim stories that are stranger than fiction! 

So for your enjoyment, we gathered up some of the weirdest insurance claims we could find. Who knew insurance could be this crazy?

  1. A driver panicked when a spider crawled up her leg, causing her to crash into a parked car. (We’re honestly surprised there aren’t a lot more spider-related car crashes, especially here in buggy South Carolina).
  2. A couple vacationing in Malaysia returned to their room to find that monkeys had stolen all of their belongings and strewn them throughout the property. The lost and damaged items were covered by the couple’s travel insurance
  3. A car owner received an insurance payout when a giant Smurf parade float came loose from its transport truck and crashed into his parked car. 
  4. A puppy grabbed a bottle of oil from a homeowner’s kitchen, dragged it into the living room, and ate it (or at least some of it) on the family couch. The carpeting and the couch had to be completely replaced by the family’s homeowners’ insurance. The puppy, luckily, was not replaced. 
  5. A customer sat down to a bowl of soup for dinner. He sneezed into the soup, which caused the soup to spill everywhere, staining the carpet and surrounding furniture. This large homeowner’s insurance claim could have been avoided by just eating a sandwich. 
  6. In 1888, a man got his finger caught in a woman’s corset when he was trying to save her from drowning, which caused him to injure his arm and receive a 10-pound insurance payout – quite a sum at the time. 
  7. Falling coconuts kill an average of 150 people per year worldwide, leading to life insurance claims as well as medical insurance claims. A police officer in Hawaii received a $39,000 payoff after he was injured on the job by a falling coconut. 
  8. A driver in England filed a car insurance claim when cows damaged his vehicle paint by aggressively licking it. 
  9. A deer fell into a couple’s pool and damaged the pool’s lining trying to climb out. The couple’s homeowner’s insurance covered the damage to the pool, and the deer was okay. No word on if it got swimming lessons later, though. 
  10. A woman vacationing in Bali sat her purse down at the door of a temple she was visiting. A monkey stole the bag and ran off. Local children chased the monkey and tried to get the monkey to exchange the bag for some food (a common tactic), but the scared monkey panicked and threw the woman’s purse off a cliff. Her insurance covered the loss of the purse and its contents. 

Want to make sure you’re covered in case something really weird happens? 

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