Even here in South Carolina, winter weather presents its own set of challenges that lead to certain homeowners insurance claims being more popular than others. Snow-covered roads, icy sidewalks, frozen pipes, and falling trees make winter one of the most active seasons for homeowners insurance claims. While you’re cozying up with your loved ones with a cup of hot cocoa by the fire this winter, watch out for these most common winter insurance claims.

frozen pipes

Every year, we think we’re going to get through the winter without a devastating snowstorm. And every year, we’re wrong! Even here in temperate South Carolina, winter storms can devastate communities and contribute to the millions of dollars in homeowners insurance claims each year.

christmas gifts

Hoping Santa brings you something really special this Christmas, like fancy new fishing equipment, a TV the size of a small car, or a brand-new diamond necklace? We hope you get your wish! Once the wrapping paper is all cleaned up and the holiday excitement has died down, there’s one more thing to do before the holidays are over – review your homeowners insurance coverage.