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Boat Insurance 101

Whether you’re cruising the many lakes of North Carolina or heading out into the Atlantic from one of our famous South Carolina beaches, you want to have a great time – not worry about if you’re properly covered with boat insurance. That’s why we put together this easy guide, to help you understand exactly what you need to protect yourself and others on the water.


5 tips to save money on car insurance

Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for car insurance. But going with a discount car insurance company isn’t the way to do it. When you’ve been in an accident, a victim of a hit and run, or had your car destroyed in a storm, you want to be sure that you’re actually going to get the help you need. Discount car insurance companies aren’t famous for being there when you need them.


New Teen Driver

As a parent, you’re probably wondering what to do now that your teen is about to drive for the first time. Back when you were 16 and a first-time driver, after all, it was your parents that took care of everything – all you had to do was learn to “keep it between the lines.”