icy roads

While driving in South Carolina’s temperate climate usually means sunny skies and warm breezes, come winter, road conditions change in a way that new drivers need to be aware of beforehand – not find out the hard way. If you have a new driver in your home, make sure you go over these points with them before the weather turns cold so they can have confidence behind the wheel and avoiding having to file an auto insurance claim.

man driving a car for work

Do you use your personal vehicle for work, either for your own company or the company that you work for? You may not realize it, but personal auto insurance often does NOT cover business use of a vehicle.

Fall leaves on the road

The leaves are starting to turn, and you know what that means – fall is just around the corner! After a record-hot summer, those of us here at Edwards Insurance Agency are SO ready for cooler days, crunchy leaves, and yes – pumpkin spice lattes!

You probably didn’t know this, but with every season, different insurance claims increase.

new teen driver

Your child is all grown up and getting the first set of keys to freedom! This time of life is so exciting for your child and maybe a little bit scary for you. Not only is your child going to be on the road with other drivers, which can keep you up at night all on its own, but now you’ve also got to find a car for your new driver that’s affordable to insure.