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If you’re ever in a situation where damages exceed the coverage of your current insurance policies, you could end up facing a lawsuit that could potentially devastate your life. An umbrella policy covers damages that exceed the protection of your current insurance coverage.


Umbrella policy


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Medical bills add up fast

If someone is injured in an accident where you’re at fault, medical bills can bankrupt you without an umbrella policy.

Protect yourself from lawsuits

The additional protection an umbrella policy provides can keep you out of court.


We’ll take a look at your unique needs and find the policy that fits you.

What is umbrella insurance?

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An umbrella insurance policy is a type of personal liability insurance that offers additional coverage in the event that you are liable for a claim in excess of your current homeowners, auto, or watercraft coverage. It can even protect you against claims of libel, slander, and false imprisonment.

Who needs umbrella coverage?

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Anyone can benefit from an umbrella insurance policy, but it is particularly important for someone who’s assets – including home, retirement accounts, and checking and savings accounts – add up to less than the total coverage of your insurance policies. If not, you could potentially lose everything in a lawsuit without additional coverage.

Unfortunately, we live in a lawsuit-heavy world. Anyone can sue you for anything and any amount, and they may win, dealing you a financially devastating blow. Though you may think, “That won’t ever happen to me,” it happens more often than you think.

If you believe you could ever be at risk for being sued, buying an umbrella policy can bring you much-needed peace of mind.

Examples of situations when you need umbrella insurance:

  • Unexpected Event

    Your kid throws a party when you’re out of town, and a teen leaving the party causes a drunk driving accident. The parents of the teen sue you.

  • Need Extra Insurance

    You accidentally cause a multi-car pileup on the highway, and your insurance isn’t enough to cover all the cars, the passengers, and medical bills.

  • Your pet causes injury

    Your dog runs bites a neighbor, causing significant injury. You are sued for the neighbor’s medical bills for the ER, long-term hospital stay, physical therapy, and long-term care.

Here’s how umbrella insurance works 

Let’s say you’re at fault in a multi-car accident. Your car insurance only covers $500,000 in damages, but the medial bills of the passengers in the other cars add up to $750,000. You’re sued for $250,000, and the judge rules against you.

Your car insurance will cover the initial $500,000. If you do not have an umbrella policy, you’ll be liable for that extra $250,000 out of pocket.

With an umbrella policy, however, that policy will cover the additional $250,000 as well as your attorney costs and courts fees.


What umbrella insurance does not cover

Umbrella insurance doesn’t cover everything. It does not cover: 

  • Your personal property
  • Business liability
  • Damage that you or a member of your family caused on purpose. If you accidentally run your car into another car, you’re covered. But if you intentionally run your car into another car, you’re not.

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I made the change to Edwards Insurance about 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back! Tripp and Pepe are on top my needs and proactively reach out to me with savings when they see the right opportunity for me. I actually recommended that my dad move thing over to Tripp and they take good care of the old man. We are not a number with them, you can tell that they care about us.

Edwards Insurance handles all of our personal and business insurance. The customer service that we receive is the best we have ever dealt with. The rates are always competitive. They truly know how to take care of our family and our business. Tripp and Pepe and their team are top notch and could not imagine ever going anywhere else! Thank you for everything you all do for us!

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