How to Dispute A Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Denial or Underpayment

How to Dispute A Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Denial or Underpayment 

We depend on our homeowner’s insurance to help us out in times of need. Unfortunately, sometimes you file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance carrier that is denied or unfairly settled, which can make a tragic incident like a fire, storm or home invasion even more frustrating. If you ever find yourself in a spot where your insurance company isn’t covering a loss like you think they should, here’s what to do. 

  1. Take a look at your policy 

Most policyholders who experience problems getting a claim paid have their claims denied. When this happens, the insurance company will typically say that whatever the loss or damage was — whether a TV was stolen from your home in a burglary or a limb damaged your roof in one of South Carolina’s famous storms — was an exclusion to your policy. 

How do you know if they’re telling the truth? Look at your policy. Any exclusions to covered incidents should be listed right there in black and white. If you don’t see an exclusion that matches your claim, call your insurance company and tell them so. 

  1. Double-check the information you provided 

After a tragic event, it can be tough to be detail-oriented when all you really want to do is get your life back together. Check the information you submitted with your claim to make sure it’s complete and accurate. A missing piece of information may be the reason your claim was denied. 

  1. File an appeal 

If after reviewing your policy and the documents you submitted, you still think there’s been an error and your claim should have been paid, you can file an appeal with your homeowner’s insurance company. You may be able to request a review of your claim based on new information. Insurance companies make mistakes just like anyone else. An appeal gives them a second chance to do things right. 

  1. Get a second opinion 

You don’t have to rely on your insurance company to give you the value of your lost or damaged property in a covered event. After all, they’re in the business of making money, not paying out claims, so you could say that sometimes their valuations might be skewed a little in their favor. 

As a consumer, you have the right to hire a public insurance adjuster to help you settle your claim. A public insurance adjuster is a neutral third party who is licensed in your state and works to assess the value of your damage or loss based on the market and determine a fair payout from your insurance company. The big difference is that when you hire a public adjuster, they work for you, not your insurance company, and they may be able to get you a larger payout for your claim. 

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