Motorcycle coverage

The open road, wind in your hair, two wheels and a smile-worthy destination … or no destination at all. Is there any better feeling in the world? We don’t think so. The only thing you need to make your two-wheeled adventure better is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re properly covered with motorcycle insurance.

motorcycle safety

Nobody wants to pay too much for motorcycle insurance! While some South Carolina motorcyclists opt for low-cost motorcycle insurance with shoddy coverage but low rates, at Edwards Insurance Agency in Taylors, S.C., we know how important it is to have real coverage should something go wrong!

Motorcycle Trips

You’ve got your bike, a great motorcycle insurance policy through Edwards Insurance that gives your coverage AND peace of mind, and now it’s time to take your bike out on the open road. So where should you go?

ATV with rider

Four-wheelers, all-terrain vehicles, ATVs, gators – whatever you call them, they’re supercharged fun machines! But before you take your ATV out for a day of off-roading, exploring, and hitting the trail, you may be wondering, “Do I need ATV insurance in South Carolina?”