Leaves: The Monster Your Insurance Company Warned You About

Leaves: The Monster Your Insurance Company Warned You About  

Leaves. They seem so innocent. What could be more harmless than a crunchy, colorful fall leaf? 

But don’t be fooled. Leaves are one of autumn’s most dangerous players, causing countless accidents that end up being claims for homeowners insurance, commercial property insurance and auto insurance policies. 

“LEAVES?” You say. “You can’t be serious.” 

Yep, we are. In the fall, leaves are one of the leading causes of accidents. Read on to find out how you can keep your family safe from the dangers of — believe it or not — leaves. 

Leaves can be as slippery as black ice on the road 

Driving through the mountains to peep the fall colors as autumn brings all her glory to South Carolina can be a wondrous way to spend a weekend with your family, but beware. Fallen leaves on the roadways — especially when wet — can erase traction on the roadway and cause your vehicle to spin out of control, just like a patch of black ice. In the fall in South Carolina, hundreds of accidents are reported to car insurance companies that involve vehicles sliding on wet leaves. 

Be very careful when driving near fallen leaves, particularly on rainy days. Always obey the speed limit, slow down and avoid patches of leaves if possible. 

Leaves can cause slip-and-fall accidents at your home or business 

Just like fallen leaves can be dangerous to vehicles on the road, they can also pose a slip-and-fall hazard to people visiting your home or business. Sidewalks, driveways, front stoops and lawns are all likely to be covered in leaves throughout the fall, even with the best landscaping intentions. One wrong step could lead to a painful injury like a broken ankle, a lawsuit, and a claim on your 

homeowners insurance or commercial property insurance. 

Do your best to keep your walking areas free of leaves, and it never hurts to put a sign outside your business warning visitors that fallen leaves can be slippery, as an added precaution against lawsuits. 

Leaves can lead to water damage 

Leave it to leaves to ruin everything. While they look light and airy falling from the trees on a sunny autumn day, they become concrete-like once they hit the ground. Fallen leaves can restrict water flow in gutters, culverts, and drains, which can lead to expensive flooding incidents at your home or business. 

To avoid a claim on your homeowners insurance, flood insurance or commercial property insurance, make sure to clean your gutters at least once twice the autumn and keep leaves on your property raked as much as possible. A daily “leaf check” in drainage areas around your property can help to alert you to potential drainage issues caused by leaves before they become expensive claims. 

Is your insurance ready for leaf season? 

Making sure you keep your leaves raked is step one. Step two is to make sure you have adequate homeowners insurance, auto insurance and commercial property insurance just in case leaves work their evil magic and cause an injury or accident. Let us help – give Edwards Insurance Agency in Taylors, S.C. a call today!