row of classic cars

Family heirloom getting all the neighborhood attention in your driveway? Finally got the muscle car you wanted as a kid but could only afford after years of hard work? Maybe it’s the project car that’s finally drivable and oh, so envy-worthy on the road. However you came to own your classic car, you need to make sure it’s properly protected with classic car insurance.

classic car show

The year’s more than half over, but the classic car circuit is still running hot in South Carolina. As classic car enthusiasts ourselves, we not only sell classic car insurance, but we LOVE to go to classic car shows all over the state, too!

Umbrella policy

It’s a nightmare scenario: you’re at fault in a serious car accident or someone is badly injured in your home, and you’re sued for an amount far above the coverage of your automobile or homeowner’s insurance … and you lose…

rental apartment

Looking for your first apartment after graduating from school or moving out of your parents’ house? Congratulations! That first step out of the nest and into the big, wide world of your own place is exciting! You’ll never forget that very first place you called home on your own.