4 Car insurance myths you’ve believed all your life

Four car insurance myths you shouldn’t believe (but probably do)!

If you swallow chewing gum, it’ll stay in your stomach for seven years. If your ears are burning, that means someone is talking about you. If you keep reaching out to your ex, eventually they’ll want to date you again. There are all sorts of myths we believe that permeate our culture – even in the world of car insurance! Here are four car insurance myths that you’ve probably believed all your life, and would you believe it – they’re all untrue! 

One thing that’s not a myth – You need car insurance to keep yourself safe! 

If you’re looking for car insurance in South Carolina that will keep you covered, protect your assets, and still fit into your budget, give Edwards Insurance Agency in Taylors, S.C. a call today. We’ll help you find the best car insurance for South Carolina so you can drive with peace of mind! 

Myth #1 – A traffic ticket will raise your car insurance premiums 

Fact – Not always. If your driving record is relatively clean and the ticket isn’t severe, your car insurance rates may not increase at all. If your rates do increase after a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket, there are things you can do to lower your rates such as taking a defensive driving course, increasing your deductible, or taking state-approved classes that will lower the number of points on your license. 

Myth #2 – Expensive cars cost more to insure in South Carolina 

Fact – Sometimes, mid-priced cars cost more to insure than luxury cars. What your insurance company is most concerned with is not the price of your car, but how much it costs to repair, and not all luxury cars are associated with expensive repairs. If you’re considering purchasing a vehicle, give us a call. We can help you compare car insurance prices for different models. 

Myth #3 – South Carolina minimum coverage is enough 

South Carolina requires that all vehicles in the state have a minimum insurance coverage of $25,000 per person for bodily injury and $50,000 for all persons injured in one accident, $25,000 in property damage liability, and uninsured motorist coverage in an amount equal to the amount of liability coverage. 

With the average accident claim involving a fatality topping $1,000,000, it’s safe to say that the state minimum coverage is not enough to fully protect you and your family. In the event that you are at fault in an accident that causes damages that exceed the limits of your car insurance coverage, you are on the hook for what’s left and can expect a lawsuit. Don’t want to ruin your family’s financial future? Get more than the state minimum car insurance coverage. 

Myth #4 – Red cars are more expensive to insure 

Buying a red sports car might signal that you’re having a mid-life crisis, but it doesn’t signal to your insurance company that you’re a riskier driver. Insurance companies don’t care what color your car is. They are only concerned with repair costs.