boats in storage

Boating season is almost over. The hot days and warm nights that make a day on the water the perfect pastime are about to disappear for the winter, and that means your boat is about to go into storage for the cold winter months. Does that mean you can cancel your boat insurance during the winter months and take a break from paying your premiums?

boat insurance

Owning a boat is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether you’re taking your boat on a lake, river, or out on the Atlantic, there’s just something about having the freedom to travel over water that feels like a million bucks. While owning a boat can be expensive, fortunately, your boat insurance doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 ways to save on your boat insurance so you can enjoy the water without busting your budget.

boats can be expensive

If you’re lucky enough to own a boat, you’re lucky enough. Owning a boat is a dream of so many, but boats are famously expensive to own…

boat on a lake

Whether you’re cruising the many lakes of North Carolina or heading out into the Atlantic from one of our famous South Carolina beaches, you want to have a great time – not worry about if you’re properly covered with boat insurance. That’s why we put together this easy guide, to help you understand exactly what you need to protect yourself and others on the water.