Why flood insurance is a must in South Carolina

flooded home

Do you have flood insurance? Many people opt to opt out of flood insurance unless they live directly next to the Atlantic, on one of our state’s many lakes, or next to a river or stream. Logically, it makes sense – why pay for flood insurance if you’re not near water? But unfortunately, you don’t have to live by the water to be affected by a flood in South Carolina.

Our state is great for a lot of reasons. The gorgeous fall weather. The beaches. The food! And of course, our ample waterways, rivers, lakes and streams. While those waterways might not be right by your home, in South Carolina, you’re more likely to incur damage from flooding because of our many waterways. In fact, 13% of the state is designated floodplain. Are you in that floodplain? Check out this map from FEMA to find out.

If your home is in a floodplain, your homeowners insurance likely requires you to have a flood insurance policy. But if not, it’s still a great idea to invest in a policy to protect your biggest investment – your home.

You don’t have to be in a floodplain to suffer flood damage 

While most people think of a flood as something that happens when a creek overflows or a hurricane brings a storm surge inland, but that’s not the only way that a flood can happen.

A flood can happen in other ways, too, such as ineffective or broken drainage systems, broken dams or levees, busted city water mains, and flash floods from heavy summer storms.

Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover floods 

Homeowners insurance does not cover the damage caused by flooding. This is a fact many homeowners don’t know until it’s too late. Only flood insurance will pay to repair your home and replace your belongings after a flood.

Where to get flood insurance 

All flood insurance policies in the United States are offered by the National Flood Insurance Program. The prices for NFIP policies are set by the government, but the policies are sold through private insurance companies like Edwards Insurance Agency in Taylors, S.C.

How much does flood insurance cost? 

The average cost for flood insurance in South Carolina is around $700 per year. The cost of flood insurance for your home may be higher or lower than the average because premiums are affected by the factors such as:

  • Size of your home
  • Age of your home
  • Building materials used in construction
  • Your home’s proximity to a body of water
  • Number of floors
  • Flood zone designation

Does your South Carolina home need a flood insurance policy? 

Any home in South Carolina can benefit from the purchase of a flood insurance policy, but some homes are in greater danger of a flood than others. Give Edwards Insurance Agency a call today. We can show you whether or not your home is in a floodplain as well as assess other factors in your community that can make you more or less likely to experience a flood.