Which items in your home need a special insurance policy?


You’ve purchased a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy from Edwards Insurance Agency in Taylors, SC. That means that if something happens at your residence like a fire, break-in, tornado or hurricane, your belongings are protected, right? Well, yes … but not always. There are some items in your home that may require their own special insurance policies to be fully protected against the unknown.

Read on to find out which items in your home need special insurance, and then give us a call. Our South Carolina insurance experts will help you find specialty insurance policies to keep your valuables safe and protected.

Your jewelry 

While most homeowner’s insurance policies cover the theft or damage to jewelry in your home, you may need to add a separate jewelry policy to your homeowners insurance if your jewelry is particularly expensive, rare, or antique. Also, remember to have your jewelry appraised before you purchase your jewelry policy and every few years afterward, as the value of your jewelry will likely increase over time, and you want to make sure that your insurance will properly pay out its entire value if something were to happen.


South Carolina is a haven for hunters and sport shooters, and that means plenty of firearms in the state need special firearms policies. Though not every gun needs its own policy, people who own large collections of firearms or vintage, rare, or expensive weapons should consider investing in a special policy just to cover those. Gun theft is a serious problem in the South because of the large market for second-hand guns and the value of firearms in general. Make sure your firearms are locked away and properly insured to protect your financial investment in them.

Fine art 

Artists love the gorgeous scenery and inspiring culture to be found in South Carolina, making our state a haven for artists and art collectors alike. If you are an artist or an art collector, make sure you insure your collection with a special insurance policy. An art collection can quickly exceed the limits of your homeowner’s insurance, leaving you to suffer a loss in the event of a fire or theft. Although art itself is irreplaceable, the pain of losing your collection to theft, fire, or accident is buffered just a bit when you can at least recover the monetary value of your paintings, sculptures or textiles.

These aren’t the only items in your home that may need a special insurance policy 

If you own items that are particularly valuable, rare, or historic, you may need to insure them with their own individual policies. Not sure what you need? Give Edwards Insurance Agency in Taylors, SC a call today. Our South Carolina insurance agents will help you decide which items in your home need special policies and find great rates so you’re covered, for less.