It’s Fall Y’all – Watch out for these 4 common autumn insurance claims

Fall leaves on the road

The leaves are starting to turn, and you know what that means – fall is just around the corner! After a record-hot summer, those of us here at Edwards Insurance Agency are SO ready for cooler days, crunchy leaves, and yes – pumpkin spice lattes!

You probably didn’t know this, but with every season, different insurance claims increase. Yes, insurance claims change like the leaves! What that means for you is that you’re more likely to experience a claim of this type from now until winter, so watch out. Here are five of the most common autumn insurance claims.

Hitting a deer

Autumn is rutting season for deer. From October to December, male deer compete with each other to mate with as many does as possible, setting the stage for those adorable spotted fawns you see come spring. And just like humans, being active in the dating world drives the deer a bit crazy.

Autumn is the most popular time of the year to hit a deer with your vehicle. Both male and female deer are distracted, energetic, (and maybe flustered? Dating is hard!), and they’re more likely to dart out in front of a moving vehicle. Be particularly aware at dawn and dusk, the times of day when crashes with deer are most likely.

Getting rear-ended 

Blame it on leaf-lookers, Halloween-decoration aficionados, or simply the joy of the holiday season distracting us all, but rear-end collisions are more common during autumn. Most rear-end collisions happen at stop lights, stop signs, and in heavy traffic.

Always remember to leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you so you have plenty of time to stop if they do.

Leaf-related accidents 

Fallen leaves may seem like the peaceful, crispy wonder of fall, but they do have their sinister side. Fallen leaves on the road pose a sliding hazard for vehicles, particularly motorcycles. Experts say that driving on wet leaves is just as dangerous and unpredictable as driving on ice, so beware. Avoid leaves on the road if you can. If you can’t, slow down and take it easy. Remember to use the same driving rules on leaves as you would on ice: no hard turns or slamming on the brakes.


Nothing like building a crackling fire on a cool autumn night. Unfortunately, more fires in fireplaces mean more fires that get out of control and cause significant damage to homes.

Before you build your first fire of the season, have your chimney inspected by a licensed professional to make sure it’s in proper working order. Debris can build up in your chimney over the summer, such as birds’ nests, wasps nests, leaves, etc. and present a fire hazard.

When burning a fire in your fireplace, never leave it unattended and always remember to move any flammable items such as rugs, curtains, dog beds, etc. far enough away from your fireplace so they can’t catch fire.

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