Does car insurance cover my car in a flood?

Does car insurance cover my car in a flood? 

You may have heard that homeowners insurance will cover your home in case of a flood, and that homeowners must purchase a flood insurance policy if they want coverage for flood damage. Does the same apply to car insurance? Do you need to buy special flood insurance to cover your car in the case that it falls victim to floodwaters or a storm surge?

Flood insurance is built into some car insurance policies 

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage on your car, RV, or truck, your auto insurance will most likely pay for any type of flood damage to your car, whether it comes from a storm, natural disaster, or a burst pipe that floods your carport. If you live in a flood-prone area or in a region that experiences strong storms or hurricanes, comprehensive automotive insurance coverage is a must. 

If you only have liability coverage, flood insurance is not included  

Drivers on a budget or those who own older cars that are fully paid off often opt for liability-only car insurance coverage to save money on their annual premiums. Liability auto coverage only covers damage to other drivers’ vehicles in case of an accident, as well as their medical bills and those of their passengers. Liability coverage will not cover your car in case of a flood. All South Carolina drivers are required to carry liability insurance, but if you want flood coverage, a comprehensive auto insurance policy should be purchased, as well. 

Even if you have comprehensive coverage, it may not be enough 

You’ve got comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, and you think you’re safe if a flood damages your vehicle. For the most part, you’re correct. But there are exceptions to that rule, and there are times when you may not be adequately covered by your comprehensive car insurance. For your comprehensive insurance to adequately provide for your car repairs or replacement after a flood, your coverage limits will have to be high enough to cover the damage to your vehicle. If you’re going to get comprehensive courage, make sure you get enough. 

Does car insurance cover water damage from driving in a flood? 

Having a flood come to you is typically a covered event if you have comprehensive coverage, but what if you go to the flood? Driving in a flood is never recommended, but every year, we all see news coverage of drivers trapped in rising floodwaters as they attempt to cross rivers or streams that have overtaken roads. In the event that you are attempting to drive in a flood, your comprehensive coverage should cover any damage to your vehicle. 

Need comprehensive car insurance for storm season? 

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