Wood and fireplace

During the winter holiday season, more than 156,000 home fires occur, wrecking holiday gatherings, destroying carefully wrapped presents, and generally putting a Grinchy vibe all over the Christmas season. Want to keep your holiday season merry and bright, but not like, “fire trucks racing to your house” bright? Follow these six fireplace safety tips for the holiday season.

couple leaving home for vacation

The holiday season is a time for visiting family and friends whether they’re across the street or across the ocean. While that makes for a festive holiday season for you, it also makes for a profitable season for thieves. Criminals know that while many people are traveling for the holidays, homes all across the country will be left vacant, making them easy pickings for valuable items like TVs, jewelry, laptops, and even your beautifully wrapped Christmas presents.

classic car show

The year’s more than half over, but the classic car circuit is still running hot in South Carolina. As classic car enthusiasts ourselves, we not only sell classic car insurance, but we LOVE to go to classic car shows all over the state, too!