3 summertime homeowners claims to look out for

swimming pool

The temperature is rising, and so are homeowners claims! With summer’s outdoor fun and intense storms, the chance that you’ll find yourself filing a homeowners claim for an accident, injury or storm rises with the thermometer. Here are three of the most common summertime homeowners claims and what you can do to decrease the likelihood that they’ll happen to you.

  1. Pool injuries 

Nothing says summer like a backyard pool party! With the grill smoking, the kids splashing, and the parents enjoying some lounge time by the pool, what could go wrong? Well, unfortunately, a lot. With everyone focused on the fun of summer, it can be easy for accidents to happen, such as slip and fall accidents or the worst-case scenario – a drowning.

Here’s how you can protect yourself: First and foremost, make sure your homeowners insurance company knows you have a pool. Because it is a detached structure, your pool may not be automatically covered by your homeowners policy and may need separate pool insurance.

Once you’re sure that your pool is insured, make sure you’re following all the guidelines set out by your insurer. Your insurance company will likely require you to have a gated fence around the pool that is at least a certain height. They may also restrict diving boards. If you fail to follow the company’s regulations, even if you have pool insurance, your claim may be denied. Stick to the rules!

Also, there’s a lot you can do on your own to prevent pool accidents. Install slip-resistant materials on your pool deck. Make sure you have lifesaving floatation devices easily accessible. Limit alcohol consumption around your pool. Make sure everyone in the pool either knows how to swim or is wearing a life jacket. Pool safety comes down to common sense and diligence.

  1. Grill fires 

Fire up the grill! But don’t let the grill fire up your house! Every year, local fire departments respond to about 10,000 fires caused by outdoor grills. Don’t let yours be next.

According to a NFPA report, the most common causes of structural fires that originate with grills are:

  • Failure to clean the grill – Buildup or grease and debris within the grill itself can catch fire.
  • Leaks – Gas lines leaks can cause explosions as well as set nearby materials on fire.
  • Grilling too close to flammable surfaces – Patio grills are notorious for melting vinyl siding and causing damage to outdoor walls.
  • Leaving the grill unattended – If you’re there to catch a small fire before it becomes a raging inferno you can save yourself a lot of headache and probably a homeowners claim, too.
  1. Storm damage 

Summer’s intense storms can bring down trees, ruin your roof with hail, and blow patio furniture right through your back door with high winds. Though you can’t control the weather, you can do things to improve the storm resistance of your home.

Ninety percent of storm damage claims include roof damage. That being said, if it’s time to replace your roof, talk to your roofing company about installing a storm-resistant roof. You’ll be better protected when a storm hits, and you’re likely to get a discount on your homeowners insurance, too.

You can also invest in impact-rated doors and windows, which are rated to withstand blowing objects during strong storms or hurricanes.

And if you have trees in your yard that seem like they might be leaning or otherwise damaged, talk to an arborist to make sure those trees still have strong roots. If not, they’re more likely to fall.

Want to know more about protecting yourself again summer dangers? 

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