Which Christmas Vacation disasters would insurance cover?

squirrel in christmas tree

If you don’t quote “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” at least once a week until Christmas, I’m not sure we can be friends. Very possibly the greatest holiday movie ever made, watching Christmas Vacation is a holiday tradition at Edwards Insurance Agency in Taylors, S.C.

Not only is it hysterical in its own right, but as insurance agents, we get a kick out of imagining the characters explaining all those holiday disasters to an insurance agent. Can you imagine calling your agent and saying, “A SWAT team just broke through all our windows, and the carpet is all wet, TODD!”

Today, we thought we’d let you in on an insider’s view of Christmas Vacation: What insurance would cover and what the Griswolds (and their neighbors) would end up paying out of pocket.

The SWAT Team breaks down the Griswolds’ doors and windows to “save” Mr. Shirley

Is it covered: Maybe 

Whether or not damage caused by a governmental body (such as a SWAT team) is covered by your homeowners insurance depends on the distinct language of your policy. Some homeowners policies include lines in their contracts that explicitly deny coverage of actions by governmental bodies that result in damage to the home. If you’re planning on kidnapping your boss or have a crazy cousin that might think that’s a good idea, call your insurance carrier ahead of time to make sure damages by the SWAT team are covered.

A squirrel stows away in the Christmas tree and wreaks havoc on the house when the dog spots him 

Is it covered: Probably not 

Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage by rodents and domestic pets like dogs and cats. They will, however, cover damage caused by other wildlife. You’d be better off having Santa park his reindeer in your living room than having a squirrel go nuts at your Christmas dinner.

You “eat my rubber” all the way into a snowbank while running from intimidating rednecks

Is it covered: Depends on your insurance 

We would never recommend road-raging your way underneath a semi-truck or into a snowbank in a pride contest with angry rednecks. But if you do end up in that situation, whether or not you’re covered will depend on what type of auto insurance policy you have.

If you have collision insurance on your vehicle, you should be covered. But if the Griswolds only have liability coverage, Clark is going to be taking a chunk out of his Christmas bonus check to pay for damage to his car, as liability insurance only covers damage to someone else’s property in an accident. Unfortunately for Clark, mechanic shops rarely take payment in jelly.

The Chesters wake up to discover their window is broken MARGO and the carpet is all wet TODD!

Is it covered: It’s tricky 

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover damage from water that comes from inside the house, like a busted pipe, but won’t cover water that comes from outside, like a flood. If the Chesters (or the insurance adjuster) found out that the water damage actually came from the Griswolds’ frozen gutters, that may not be covered.

The window is a no-brainer – it’s covered.

Want to make sure you’re covered in case Cousin Eddie shows up at your house?

Give us here at Edwards Insurance Agency a call today. We’ll help you get the coverage you need to protect your home and family from holiday disasters – even the craziest ones!