Strong Maintenance Tips To Help You Avoid Homeowners Claims

Strong Maintenance Tips To Help You Avoid Homeowners Claims

The daffodils are blooming, the trees are budding, and you know what that means – spring is here! While you’re buzzing with joy about the prospect of getting back in the garden, throwing on some shorts, and finally getting out of the winter haze and back to warm-weather life, make sure you take care of these maintenance tasks so you can avoid filing homeowners insurance claims that put a dark cloud over your springtime fun.

  1. Check for dead branches near your home

Springtime is notorious for strong storms in South Carolina. While you’re out enjoying the new flowers in your yard, look up. Check the trees around your home and any outbuildings for dead and dying branches. If you find any, call a tree service to have them removed. Dead branches can fall and damage your roof, cars, and even injure someone on your property, leading to an expensive homeowners insurance claim.

  1. Clean out your dryer vent hose

Did you know that you have to clean more than the lint filter in your dryer? While the lint filter that you clean every time you dry a load of clothes catches a lot of the lint, it doesn’t catch everything. Lint that escapes your filter can end up in your dryer hose, decrease the efficiency of your dryer and even cause a fire.

  1. Check your driveway and sidewalks for cracks

Freezing and thawing of water during the winter months can cause chips and chunks of sidewalks to come loose and shift, which can create a tripping hazard. Bodily injuries on your property can be the basis for expensive lawsuits and homeowners insurance claims, so beware. Check out the condition of your driveway and sidewalks. If you see anything that needs to be repaired, call a professional.

  1. Inspect your foundation

A tiny crack can become a big problem in your foundation. When water gets into a tiny crack and freezes, it expands, starting a cycle of freezing and thawing that can grow into a major foundation repair.

A damaged foundation is one of the most common homeowners claims, because not only can it affect the structural integrity of your home, but it can allow water in that can flood your basement or crawl space. Check your foundation for any new cracks. If you find any, call a professional ASAP.

  1. Look for trees that died over the winter

It’s impossible to tell which deciduous trees are alive or dead in your yard during the winter months, so spring is the time to look for new growth that signals a healthy tree. If you find a tree that looks to be damaged or dead, call an arborist. Dead trees are a major falling hazard and contribute to millions of homeowners insurance claims each year.

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