De-winterizing Tips To Help You Prevent Boat Insurance Claims

De-winterizing Tips To Help You Prevent Boat Insurance Claims

The weather is warming up here in South Carolina, and that means boaters everywhere are itching to get their boats out of storage and out on one of our state’s beautiful lakes and, of course, the Atlantic! While you’re de-winterizing your boat, make sure to take these precautions to help avoid a boat insurance claim. A few extra minutes of preparation during the boat de-winterizing process can save you a load of hassle later!

  1. Make sure your depth sounders are working properly

One of the most common boat insurance claims is hitting objects underwater that damage the hull of the boat – or cause it to sink altogether! While you can prevent catastrophes like these by staying in marked channels, if you’re an adventurous boater who likes to explore the shoreline and take picnic breaks on islands or in desolate coves, sticking to marked channels is not possible. This is where a depth sounder can be your best friend by alerting you to shallow water or objects that can damage your boat.

  1. Make sure your cleats are secure

When bad weather hits, you don’t want your boat banging against the dock, other boats, or floating out to sea. In bad weather, all that’s standing between you and a boat insurance claim is the strength of your ropes, cleats and fenders. Before you take your boat out of storage, make sure all of these are in good condition. If not, a bad storm can have a devastating effect on your boat and your #1 way to enjoy the gorgeous South Carolina summer.

  1. Double-check for life jackets

During a boating accident or freak storm, life jackets can protect you and your passengers from injury or death, and protect you from a lawsuit or even jail time as the boat owner. Yes, you probably think you know exactly how many life jackets you have on board. But your boat has been in storage for months. Check again. And keep in mind that you’ll need smaller jackets if you have children on board.

  1. Check your hoses and fittings

While the hull of your boat generally stays watertight as long as it isn’t involved in an accident or hits something under the waterline, your hoses and fitting can become brittle and leak after months out of the water. Check your fittings to make sure there is no damage that could jeopardize the integrity of your boat before you head out on the water. A small leak could cause a big problem and lead to a boat insurance claim.

  1. Inspect your fire extinguisher

What would you do if you discovered a fire on your boat? Without a fire extinguisher, you’d likely have to jump ship with a life jacket and watch your favorite toy sink to the depths. Not a great way to spend a weekend, and a certain boat insurance claim. Always keep a fire extinguisher on board, and check it to make sure it’s still full and functional.

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