4 Crazy Types of Insurance You’ve Never Heard Of

ufo and aliens

Think insurance is boring? Think again! Not only are those of us here at Edwards Insurance Agency in Taylors, S.C., a literal hoot (Comedy Central won’t stop calling us), but there’s a whole side of the insurance industry that’s anything but boring!

So today, we’re taking things a little less seriously in the Edwards Insurance blog – the craziest types of insurance you’ve never heard of. Check these out! And if you’ve ever heard of an even WEIRDER type of insurance, call and tell us. We always love a reason to giggle here at Edwards!

  1. Alien Abduction Insurance 

Live entirely too close to a cornfield for comfort? If you’re worried about having your very own close encounter of the third kind, you can invest in an alien abduction insurance policy. This Florida company has been selling alien abduction insurance since 1987. For the low-low price of just about $30, it might be worth getting a policy just for the framable certificate. It’s the gift for someone who truly has everything!

Think you’re safe from aliens in South Carolina? You may not be! Check out this “UFO” footage taken in Goose Creek, S.C., in 2021.

  1. “Cold Feet” Insurance for Weddings 

Ready to pledge your life to someone, but not completely sure they feel the same? If the Maury Show has taught us anything, it’s that people can be “in love” and still do craaaazy things. Some insurance companies offer “Cold Feet” insurance to make sure that if your wedding ends up “dead on arrival,” at least you won’t be out all the money you invested in it – you’ll only lose that no-good ex-fiance that left you at the altar.

“Cold Feet” insurance covers the cost of deposits to caterers, photographers, venue, and other wedding expenses that are often paid up to a year in advance. If your relationship goes south at the last minute, at least you won’t be alone AND broke.

  1. Body Part Insurance 

Want to insure your “money maker that your mama gave you?” Then look into body part insurance. As crazy as it sounds, this policy actually makes a lot of sense. If your job couldn’t continue if one of your body parts was damaged or lost, a body part insurance policy would pay out a lump sum that would help keep you afloat. Models, actors, pianists, artists, and surgeons are often customers of body part insurance. After all, how good is a pianist or a surgeon without any hands?

Bruce Springsteen once insured his voice for $6 million. Guitarist Jeff Beck insured his fingers for $10 million ($1 million for each finger). And Dolly Parton insured her two most famous assets for $300,000 each!

  1. Multiple Birth Insurance 

What’s better than one baby? Three babies! As long as you have Multiple Birth Insurance to help you cover the 3x costs you didn’t plan for. Most families aren’t in a place financially to suddenly add three or more people to their household overnight, but sometimes, the stork has his own plans. Multiple birth insurance pays out a lump sum to cover the extra costs of extra bundles of joy, who are so little but sooooo expensive!

Need insurance for something unusual? 

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